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Monday, January 28, 2013

Business Plan Writer's Group, Week 2

by Heather Gurewitz
WBC Director for West Company

This week's major challenge is the flu bug that is sweeping the country by storm.  I was "lucky" to have got hit hard Friday night and "conveniently" had Monday off for the holiday. So I haven't had to miss any work. But we are definitely missing a few tonight because of this virulent flu that's going around.  However, unlike last week where there was a lot of confusion and fear about putting the pen to the paper this week there is not much but the quiet sound of key tapping as those of us that have made it type away! Questions this week seem to be much more specific, revolving around specifics of business operations, in particular, billing policies, type of business, etc.   I try my best to answer through a film of cotton in my head. I am also working to get people to really start thinking about numbers in their plans. Putting numbers to the plan is essential and it is best to do it as soon as possible. It is a struggle, but it makes things easier in the long run.

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