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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A day of inspiration...of the business kind

by Heather Gurewitz
Mendocino Women's Business Center Director

Sometimes we go through our routines (no matter how un-routine they may be) and things just seem stagnant.  And then there are days of inspiration...

Like when you see a client make a huge leap in their business development, launching their website, online store, and making sales! Such is the case with Delphine Davidson of Days Pharm.  She came to me with her product, Ultra Pure Breast Cream, and although we had some shaky moments I have seen her follow through with her plan, launch her business, and start selling her very unique product. Something that is always inspiring to the business consultant. (read more about Delphine in our client spotlight)

And then there are the youth at Shelter Cove. While I wish I could say I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a wild success, it has been a difficult project.  While we planned well and had great help from Matson's Building Materials and design help from Wheeler Munroe, I have to say I was really nervous until Ray, our dedicated volunteer showed up to help us.  While I wasn't surprised, I was more impressed that the students were able to pull together and complete the construction of a dog house in a day, yes, there is still work to do, but the day was a major accomplishment, and extremely inspiring.  Oh, and of course we still have two more dog houses to sell.  You can order on their website.

Everyone's work can be stressful, but on days when the magic happens and all that hard work actually pays off, it is all worthwhile!

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